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Get Drive(Drive Letter) Set Map Drive = o Mapped Drive. Drive Letter & ":" End If Set o Mapped Drive = Nothing End If End Sub Thanks for great workaround.

Root Folder Exit For End If Next i End Function Private Sub Unmap Drive() If Not o Mapped Drive Is Nothing Then If o Mapped Drive. By connecting directly I had to manually "visit" the sharepoint site before getting active connection, but mapping drive seems to solve that issue.

EDIT (after a good comment by shahkalpesh) : I can access to the sharepoint if I enter the address in Windows Explorer.

Access to the sharepoint needs an authentification, but it's transparent, because it relies on the Windows login.

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Occasionally, someone in the database trenches pitches the idea to the higher-ups, but more often someone at the top issues a directive to build one.Being the recipient of such a directive can be frightening, especially if you have to quickly build one and you have little or no experience with using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).Fear not—I'll guide you in building a data warehouse, while conveying some of the philosophical foundations of data warehousing.Create a choice column using the Site Column project item template: Next create the content type.When presented with the option of which content type to inherit from, select Workflow Task (Share Point 2013) and add the column to the content type along with the: There's one more important step you need to do before you use this task content type you've created.