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Parents give children their basis for understanding their sexual identity and what constitutes a healthy sexual relationship. These days, it might seem like young people know more about sex than their parents do but they don’t.Sometimes children repeat sexual words or phrases without full understanding of what they are saying.(Final - College-age women often come to Professor Gail Dines in tears after she lectures about how popular culture has become poisoned with a hyper sexuality that demands women offer themselves to any man who asks.'Years ago there used to be separate worlds for children.Negative messages solely concerned with “hotness” and sex appeal are also being pushed on adolescents and younger girls in a dangerous way, advocates warn.Adolescence is the time when girls form an identity based on messages from society, said Professor Dines.

Becoming a safe and compassionate source of sexual information for your child is a task that starts when your child is very young and that grows along with your child.

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