Word is updating the fields in the document

We can create this as a template that we can use each month to quickly create the cover page, or we can just use the same document each month and update the date field.

To add a custom date field to your document, press Ctrl F9 to insert braces to contain the field.

We’ll show you how to insert the month and year using a field code and how to change the format of the month and year using switches.

In our example, we’re creating a title page for our monthly TPS Report and want to include the current month and year.

You must use Ctrl F9 to insert the braces and NOT just type the braces using the keyboard.

However, you can manually create a date field with only the items you want in different formats.An alternative way to update an index in Word is to right-click the index and then choose the “Update Field” command from the pop-up menu.This will automatically update the contents and page numbering of the index.You can easily add the current date and time to your Word documents, but what if you only want to add the month or month and year, but no date?It’s easy to manually add a custom date field and we’ll show you how.