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If the name isn't self-explanatory enough, I bet when I go into more details you'll know someone, maybe even yourself, who suffers from this condition as well.

It's when a normal gal with a good, healthy level of self-confidence suffers from random and sometimes frequent bouts of major self-doubt when she's in the world of dating.

She obliged, but we're told for some reason Brit asked to take the photo with HER camera, and Harris was shocked when SHE posted it with the caption, "So nice to be home!

Nothing like Louisiana boys." We're told there's nothing more to it than that -- just a down home girl appreciating the down home scenery.

Is it our obsession with trying to figure out what guys like?

Ever since she first joined Instagram, Halle Berry has used the social media platform to stay true to herself.Yet when it comes to men, sometimes I'm ready to settle for the first halfway decent guy that looks my way, just to avoid the dating struggle.Is it just because I've encountered a few jerks?The deep brown leather banquettes in The Hudson hark back to a 1950s-style elegance, and the view over the harbour is captivating.Order some classic cocktails and take a wander down the wharf. 29th Apartment, Melbourne Image source This bar is the very definition of eccentric.